Software Solutions for Home Care Agencies

ContinuLink is the first web-based SaaS solution dedicated to home care agencies and is one of the only home healthcare software solutions that meets the needs of the entire continuum of care. As part of Procura, a global company with a wealth of resources and expertise, ContinuLink is committed to delivering the best healthcare software solutions available.

From scheduling and billing to point-of-care and communication, our home healthcare software solutions are cutting-edge, comprehensive, and flexible. Whether your agency offers Medicare home health, non-skilled/non-medical home care, Medicaid waiver or private pay, hospice, or staffing programs, ContinuLink and its team of account managers are ready to help you succeed.

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ContinuLink Solution

Core Functionality

The ContinuLink platform was built with core functionality that runs across all business lines. This core functionality addresses many of the challenges of a growing agency. Having a software partner that understands your business and the challenges you face is integral for success.


ContinuLink offers innovative features for Medicare, Skilled or Non Medical, Medicaid/Waiver, Private Duty and Hospice agencies alike. Take a look at how our product beats the competition, in more ways than one.


The ContinU Trainers and implementation staff are your guides through the ContinuLink application. Our Training and Implementation professionals have over 65 combined years of home care experience.

Web vs. ASP vs. Server

As an agency looking to adopt a system, you have many options on how to access your software—whether you choose to use multiple components or modules or a single application. Whatever you decide it is important that you know your options. The chart on the following page will act as your guide.

What Our Clients are Saying

“We have several different lines of business and we appreciate how ContinuLink can handle them all. With programs for Medicare, Medi-Cal, managed care, and even private pay, we need to bill episodic, hourly, by shift, and by visit. Rates can change based on payer requirements, and it gets very complex. ContinuLink helps us handle it all by accommodating these billing scenarios. At the point of care, the system is very easy to use, and we love that you can access it from anywhere, even from home. Plus, our management staff loves the reports. ContinuLink was a solid choice for our agency.”

-Janet, DON, California