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Traditionally, home care agencies operate by providing clients with the staff they need for a selected number of shifts. However, when an agency is part of an ACO, the  aco staffing model will be slightly different. While the agency will still be providing home care workers for shifts, the patient is not a client of the home care agency, but rather the responsibility of the entire ACO. While normally an agency would be in charge of all the data related to a patient, that is not the case under the ACO model. An ACO is not operating under the agency license, but rather is paying an organization to be its home care agency. This means that a home health agency does not own the patient data, but rather will turn everything over to the ACO at the end of the day and be paid for their services. Basically, you should not look at the patient as “your” patient, but rather the ACO’s patient to whom you are providing services.


ContinuLink Solution:

Core Functionality

The ContinuLink platform was built with core functionality that runs across all business lines. This core functionality addresses many of the challenges of a growing agency. Having a software partner that understands your business and the challenges you face is integral for success.


ContinuLink offers innovative features for Medicare, Skilled or Non Medical, Medicaid/Waiver, Private Duty and Hospice agencies alike. Take a look at how our product beats the competition, in more ways than one.


The ContinU Trainers and implementation staff are your guides through the ContinuLink application. Our Training and Implementation professionals have over 65 combined years of home care experience.

Web vs. ASP vs. Server

As an agency looking to adopt a system, you have many options on how to access your software—whether you choose to use multiple components or modules or a single application. Whatever you decide it is important that you know your options. The chart on the following page will act as your guide.

“Our home health agency was challenged with finding a software vendor which could accommodate Medicare as well as long term developmentally disabled Pediatric and adult clients. Continulink was a great choice for us, as it provides the clinical, operational and financial support we need on an on-going bases. The type of clients we serve requires us the ability to bill various payer and multiple types of services and ContinuLink allows us to set the parameters which easily meets our needs. They provided us excellent support during the training period which was the crux to our success.

What we like best about the customer support is that all support communication is run through designated individual(s) who can monitor the needs of employees then escalate to support if indicated. That way admin is always aware of what’s going on.

ContinuLink is web-based, user friendly, affordable, and highly recommended.”

- Lori, VP, Arizona