ContinuLink is your link to managing Medicaid. ContinuLink's Medicaid technology platform was developed by Medicaid homecare providers to meet the specific needs and challenges associated with providing Medicaid services and supports.

Whether you are working directly with your state Medicaid program office, various Medicaid Waiver programs, or various Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, ContinuLink can support your agency and help you grow. ContinuLink's solution for Medicaid providers centers around 4 key supports:

  • Clinical Support
  • Operational Support
  • Billing/Reimbursement Support
  • Compliance/Risk Management Support

ContinuLink has the capability of sending claims electronically to all Medicaid and Managed Medicaid payers. This fully integrated feature is capable of filing complaint claims and tracking remittance and explanation of benefits (EOB) responses. This includes Primary and Secondary claims and a claim alteration/resubmission process for errors and EOB denials.

  • Remittance Management:
  • Primary and Secondary Claims
  • Complex Medicaid payment rules
  • Claim Alteration and Resubmissions
  • Disposition Reason Codes
  • Claim Filing Status Notifications

ContinuLink's Medicaid Management tool enables you to perform the following as a supplement to your accounts receivable management:

  • Post partial line item payments
  • Post notes and reason codes for short payments
  • Tracking invoice payment status
  • View invoice status reports

The scheduling and authorization tracking capabilities of the ContinuLink Medicaid solution assist your staff in maintaining compliance with all Medicaid payer requirements for payment. Robust payer profiling and agency specific customizable work-flows support your staff in managing your agency in a compliant and profitable manner. Ensure that only properly credentialed staff members are assigned to cases and that no services are provided that are not authorized.

  1. Authorizations: handling initial and subsequent requests electronically with availability of a payer portal to facilitate a timely process/clinical support for 485 generation thru guided assessments and goals/automatic authorization tracking into scheduling portals for staff
  2. Claims submission: formatting electronic claims to meet service requirements/ ability to break staff shifts into seamless multi-claim files for dual-eligible and multi-payer patients/ robust payer setup formatting to meet your agency's individual contracting requirements
  3. Cash application and claims tracking: integrating payer ERA files in lieu of paper EOBs/receipt of EFT transactions linked to ERA files to automatically apply cash and analyze short pays for resubmission
  4. Recoupment prevention/compliance: ensure that no services are provided with matching authorizations and orders/automatically run OIG compliance reports against employee roster/ integrate payer rules into the scheduling program to meet payer requirements for reimbursement by discipline/assist you with proactive notifications to staff regarding required personnel documents needed and clinical documentation practices

Continulink supports a variety of Electronic Visit Verification and Telephony solutions as elected by a provider or required by a payer with integrated care alerts, payroll and billing automation to promote ease of use and automation.

ContinuLink is your link to managing Medicaid.

ContinuLink Solution

Core Functionality

The ContinuLink platform was built with core functionality that runs across all business lines. This core functionality addresses many of the challenges of a growing agency. Having a software partner that understands your business and the challenges you face is integral for success.


ContinuLink offers innovative features for Medicare, Skilled or Non Medical, Medicaid/Waiver, Private Duty and Hospice agencies alike. Take a look at how our product beats the competition, in more ways than one.


The ContinU Trainers and implementation staff are your guides through the ContinuLink application. Our Training and Implementation professionals have over 65 combined years of home care experience.

Web vs. ASP vs. Server

As an agency looking to adopt a system, you have many options on how to access your software—whether you choose to use multiple components or modules or a single application. Whatever you decide it is important that you know your options. The chart on the following page will act as your guide.

What Our Clients are Saying

“ContinuLink has provided internal billing efficiency. The software provides easy oversight by operational staff to determine, in a real time format, all of the clinical, operational and quality indicators for each individual patient, as well as a real time synopsis of the agency as a whole. Aloha had been using another third party product, and found that ContinuLink’s software provided the vehicle for individualizing the software to the agency culture and structure. Highly recommend! “

-Vicki, COO, Florida